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In 2009, I started speaking out on Facebook about the dangers of the Obama Administration and the direction they were heading. They had a clear and unconstitutional narrative singing the praises of Islam while at the same time denouncing the USA and our history.

In 2014, I was a 3 time World Champion rodeo cowboy. I was competing at the Senior National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas for my 4th World Title when I was called by God to warn as many people as I could about what was coming, the first ever worldwide economic collapse, the worldwide draining of the swamp and the exposure and eradication of satanic pedophiles. He showed me physical silver and Litecoin as ways to protect ourselves from the economic crisis that's coming. He showed me Carbon 60 to protect our bodies from coming attacks and longevity. He showed me the evils of Satanic Globalism and the butchers who are involved.

In 2020, God called me again, this time to lead the revival of his church called the Way. This is the Church that Jesus taught 2000 years ago. Where you do the right thing every time. You tell the truth every time. You treat others with respect. You never judge others. There's no violence unless it's in self defense. You live your life in the service of others. There are no priests, no Pope, no hierarchy, no buildings. We never worship in a building. The Way is how we live our lives every day, not just on Sundays.

God also showed me our future. Man's Greatest accomplishment of defeating the monsters responsible for Satanic Globalism. Man's Greatest Age. 1000 years of peace and prosperity and Heaven on Earth. God also showed me the Way being the largest religious group in the world by 2040. Join us and be a part of the greatest spiritual Awakening the World has ever seen. WWG1WGA

We don't vaccinate. We rely on the immune system God gave us.

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